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Join us in Alexandria, VA next April for the
photography workshop of a lifetime…

If you’re ready to take that next step and turn your love of photography into an exciting lifestyle of free travel, whenever and wherever you desire (not to mention a great income), join us next Spring for a trip that could change everything.

When you join us in Alexandria for our ONLY Ultimate Photographer’s Workshop of 2020, you’ll …

  • Find out just how easy it is to start exploring the world, meeting new people, and enjoying the freedom and independence of an income, no matter where on the planet you choose to live.
  • Gain money-making tips for selling simple travel photos to magazines and newspapers… so you can travel to places you’ve only dreamed of… while your photos foot the bill.
  • Discover the single, easy, lucrative secret to selling your images through online stock agencies… so your photos can continue to earn you money, even while you sleep.
  • Have in-hand at the end of the weekend, your very own saleable photos… and a blueprint for how and where to sell them (even if you’ve never sold a photo before).

Essentially you’ll walk in with a pen and paper and your camera. And at the end of three intensive and fun days, you’ll walk out with everything you need to know to start profiting from your photos and fund even more adventures and travel.

And, when you’re one of the first to register from this special First-Alert list, you’ll get the biggest discount we’ll ever offer for the event.

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