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Yes, we’ve a lot going on over here at Great Escape Publishing… but, in everything we do—across all our travel-enabling, money-making opportunities—we depend on the following…

  1. Life should be fun.

    Imagine getting out of bed knowing your “job” for the day is to explore Paris in search of the best hot chocolate… to slip from mud bath to mineral pool in search of the best holistic body treatment in Ecuador… or board an open-air jeep in South Africa on safari with other travelers who paid more than $8,000 for their seat… when you paid nothing for yours. Whether you want to go at this full- or part-time, our mission is to help you achieve success as a travel writer or photographer, so you can live life on your own terms… and experience fun every day.

  2. Anybody can do this—no matter your background.

    The world of publishing has been flipped—to the advantage of the freelancer. All you need to succeed today is an interest in exploring the world around you and a passion for sharing your discoveries with others. After that, it’s just about practicing the techniques our experts share with you—and following their insider tips on exactly how to sell your stories and photos. Tax accountants… stay-at-home moms… nurses… carpenters… over the past 15 years, we’ve seen folks from all walks of life transform themselves into paid photographers and writers out enjoying new adventures every day.

  3. We are travelers (not tourists).

    Take a trip with Great Escape Publishing and you’ll never find yourself crammed into a coach with 50 other passengers… on a whirlwind tour to check off every tourist attraction in town. Instead, with a small group of like-minded adventurers, we slow down and look behind the scenes at what makes a destination tick and how its locals spend their time. It’s these kinds of experiences that make engaging (and saleable) stories and photos… which is why you’ll find us dancing with skeletons for Day of the Dead in Mexico… taking a toboggan down the side of the Great Wall of China… learning the art of truffle-making in Peru… or having eggs rolled all over our bodies before getting fire blown in our faces at a shaman cleansing ceremony in Ecuador (it was fun, really!)…

  4. Success is about the journey.

    The prestige that comes with being a successful writer or photographer… receiving invitations to dreamy destinations with all your expenses paid… enjoying private tours and behind-the-scenes access that the average tourist could never hope for… It’s a wonderful life to aspire to—and one that can be achieved. But the journey must start somewhere as you go after that first byline or photo sale. There’s nothing quite like that first time you see your name (or photo) in print. Savor every moment!

  5. We’re a community (not just a company).

    We understand that your success is our success, too. A lot of professional writers and photographers out there today aren’t crazy about sharing their marketing secrets and their income-earning advice with newbies. But the experts who work with Great Escape Publishing are some of the most generous teachers out there. They know that the need for great photos and great articles is only increasing—so the more people who can fill this need, the better for everyone.

Welcome to our family!

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