In our current digital world, print magazine, newspaper and guidebook editors around the world have to compete not only with each other… but with online publications and blogs.

So what does this mean if you’re interested in becoming a travel writer? Actually, two things – both good – if you leverage the situation the right way:

  1. Editors want more content and they want it daily (just like a blog). Some magazines and newspapers are even posting different stories online than they are in their print publications which means they need 2-3 times the number of travel stories than they used to. (It means more opportunity for YOU!)
  2. Your story ideas must be unique and interesting. Editors can search online for story ideas too and the last thing they want is to find something very similar to the story you just pitched them. (Again, great news for travel writers who like to experience a place in a way the average tourist does not. Plus it’s fun to find unique things to write about!)

How do you write an interesting story? One that will stand out among the competition?

Write about exciting and unique ideas.

I asked freelance travel writer Stan Sinberg, the author of our Lazy Man’s Guide to Travel Writing, if he could put together a list of 40 great (and timely) ideas you might consider writing and he did one better…

He created for us a mix-and-match chart to help you come up with some better, more unique story ideas. Check it out…

Just mix and match one word from each column to help make your stories more unique.

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