“There’s turquoise in those hills,” our driver told us as he pointed to the right. Tiffany & Co., the jewelry company, used to have a mine here in New Mexico. The stones they found inspired the color on their jewelry boxes. Today is our second day here in Santa Fe, NM, and we’ve been seeing a lot of this Tiffany blue in our photo reviews. Rich, vibrant color is a huge part of creating a saleable photograph. Color evokes emotion… it can excite people and make them happy. If the Tiffany box was construction-cone orange, do you think ladies around the world would swoon and squeal on sight? Doubtful. So, in the same vein, it’s important to know which colors complement each other in order to make your image strong. Because, the truth is, no matter if you’re selling your image for stock, editorial, or fine art, you’ll want your photo to evoke emotion. You have the capability to make people think or feel a certain way through photography… and color plays a large part in that. Today, we heard from food photographer Serena Lissey who shared two great resources for this particular purpose: color palette generation… 1. Adobe Kuler – https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/ 2. My Pantone – https://www.pantone.com/pages/MYP_myPantone/mypantone.aspx You can go to Kuler and type in the color of the food you’re photographing and the site will give you a palette of colors to help choose which napkins or placemats you should use in your picture. Go ahead and play around with these two applications, and you’ll see what I mean about the power of color in photography. To living a colorful life! Share on Facebook

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