Creating short videos around your local area can make you $100 and more a pop...Most businesses have a Facebook page. And most want short videos to put on it.

This could be the start to your videography business.

These short videos are very easy to create with a few simple tricks. You simply turn up with your smartphone, film for an hour, edit the video down to about a minute, add some music and a title, then upload the video to Facebook.

It’s easy and I get about $100 a pop.

I’m pretty certain that you’ll be able to find at least three local businesses to invest a mere $100 in you if you follow my plan.

Businesses use these videos to show their Facebook fans their food or entertainment options or their spa or guest rooms. Even local AirBnB hosts use video to showcase their apartments. You could get started by contacting a few of them.

The possibilities are endless because any business with a webpage or Facebook page will be interested in having a video. And $100 is an investment all of them can afford.

Especially when you explain the benefits of having a video to them and that people on smartphones love watching short videos.

It’s that simple.

Short and simple videos like these can be spare cash or add up to substantial practice and income. They can even finance your next vacation.

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